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Vil du gerne være medlem af Rumble Sports – læs her:

Want to become a member – please read this:

DK: Vi har rigtig mange internationale medlemmer i klubben, hvorfor teksten nedenfor er på engelsk.
UK: We have many international members at our school which is why the text below is in English
First of all, you are most welcome to join our school and become af part of our second home.
You will find answers to most to of your questions in our FAQ page, and the training schedule you can find right above this text. Keep an eye on it since it can change from time to time.
Kids wanting to start at our school are welcome to join our Monday BJJ kids class at 16. The parents can then attend the introduction class while the kids train. The kids class instructor will regularly inform the kids about the rules at our school.
Our school is a shoe-free zone so everyone must have a pair of clean sandals/flip-flops to wear off the mats. Walking barefoot, wearing socks or street sandals is NOT allowed. We recommend you buy a pair of sandals and leave them in your gym bag.
Please make sure your finger nails and toe nails are cut short and clean.
Looking forward to welcome you at the introduction class!